Not too late

I have had such stories to share. But, I have hunkered down a bit. Wrapped myself in a big Swiss blanket this week, as I know in a few mere days, I will be returning to America. I struggle with that a bit, as I have felt more alive, more in sync, more myself since I have been here. And, out of a desire to live everyday to it's absolute, I have returned home everyday too tired to speak, or, too tired, too full to speak. 

I have realized, lately, that it is never too late. To reclaim wonder. To find yourself. To dream. To meet new friends who will become lifelong friends. To find old friends who quicken your very soul. 

It is oh so late here… (after midnight) … so I leave you with mere pictures as my heart wraps around all of this in a coherent way. 



This baby has shaken my heart in ways that I did not know were possible. He is the reason I came to Switzerland. And his very presence has given me more gifts than I can possibly articulate. I will miss my American soul sister, an expat … and her two beautiful babies… *sigh*


My darling Swiss soulsister. There are people on this planet who speak the same language as you. No matter their origin. Hold on to them with dear life. I will miss her so much. 

And her darling children… Oh! I love them!!! 

Eccentricity! As I departed my train, this near 50 woman, used a little scooter when deporting. *LOVE*

I didn't think anyone would believe me if I said, "and then three camels walked down my street…" So I took this photo to prove it. So, three camels walked down my street this morning, And now I am kicking myself for not running outside to give them kisses. For some reason I thought their owners would think I was weird. I now want my very own camel to take on walks up the street. 


You can rock your own style if you want to … even when you are 80 … something… 

For once I am without words. Grateful. In love. Awe. Do not seem enough. 

I can only leave you with this … it is never too late… to love. To be loved. To be in love. 

Hugs on your journey, wherever that may take you, 

March 10, 2011
March 10, 2011


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    March 10, 2011

    Breathtaking experiences. The camels….they were bearing your gifts. Gifts that you will have within you forever. Amazing!

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    Jason Bird

    March 10, 2011

    Oh love. Such an adventure. If it didn’t mean I wouldn’t see you I would say you should stay. This was so good for you. Carry this with you…always.

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