Bundle of Joy {Happyful & Joyness Bundle!}

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Official release date February 26, 2018.  Orders will ship on or before December 22, 2017.


Full color limited edition illustrated book.

10 x 7.25 x .7

80 pages


8.5 x 5.5x .4

123 pages.

Publisher: Lamplighter Press

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JOY Bundle:

Joyness – A delicious 80 page full color book of joy inducing illustrations and tender joy guidance paired with Happyful – A joy fueled 159 page guide to living a life with heart, soul, eyes, and arms wide open.

About Joyness:

Does the world ever feel a little stressful? A tad dull? A tad overwhelming? Do you need a little laughter? A little nudge? A hand to hold? Are you seeking a little reminder of the good things in life, or why you are wonderful, or maybe a little perk me up at the end of a long day, or at the start of day just beginning?

Hello, JOYNESS! Just what the doctor ordered – A delicious full color book of joy inducing illustrations, photographs, and tender joy guidance.

About Happyful:

Life. It’s a beautiful curvy road trip.  On the way, you may get lost, your car might break down, you may find your mission in a bird song.  Miles may pass with little scenery and little change followed by soaring views that imprint your heart forever (and both are important parts of the journey in their own right).  You may lose your road trip partner. You may find nirvana in a hole in the wall diner serving the best Indian food you’ve ever had.

Living a happy life isn’t necessarily a life without bumps and bruises, but it IS about being willing to experience the drive with heart, eyes, vulnerabilities, and awareness wide open.

Jump into this joy fueled book for a guided tour through the many ups and downs and everyday miracles of your precious life and you’ll find a delightful travel guide to a life full of everyday Magic and Meaning.

PS: I love you.  (i really do!)

Due to Publishing delays, orders of Happyful and Joyness will ship on February 26, 2018.

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