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  • January 18, 2017
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You know, there was a time when I absolutely did not want to look at a happy picture. I did not want to look through a catalogue or fashion magazine. I could not bear it! At the time, I regarded it as torturously painful. I had these negative thoughts going on repeat in my brain – “you can’t afford that”, “who are you kidding?”, “why look at things that are so far out of your reach?” I was also suffering internally… I had endured an illness, an injury, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a relationship.

I would witness happy things around me with a detached apathy. I resented happy sounds, happy people, and catalogues of things I could care less about.  How could I look at happy things and not feel tortured? How could I care about anything or want anything or hope for … anything?

I shudder, absolutely shudder at how long I kept this record playing in my head. AND- I want you to know that if you have these thoughts running on repeat in your head, it’s time to take that record outside, and throw it like a frisbee far into the ether.

Looking at beautiful things, inspiring images of things you love, inspirational photos is a must for breaking out of these negative thoughts. Shifting your focus.

This was most definitely a learned process for me; and, now, I absolutely adore finding inspirational images. It’s amazing when I look back at all of the images I’ve collected. Without too much of the conscious mind getting in the way, I happily look at all of my collected images and see that there is a story taking shape, a way of life that I am imagining.

Now don’t tell me you don’t have time. If you have time to be on FaceBook, or Tumblr, or read my blog ;), then you have time to do something special for yourself, to conspire for a life of beautiful things, and experiences, and emotions, and people.

If you are experiencing grief, I don’t expect for you to immediately rebound with purusing “happy” thoughts. But, when the time comes, focusing on things which stir your heart may be just the thing to fill you with joyful expectation and hope.

Hugs on the journey,


January 18, 2017


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