· Everyone else is a poor imitation ·

Don’t be that blog you’re following. Or that actor you admire. Don’t suffer because your art isn’t that other artist’s whatever. Don’t be glum that at your age you didn’t or haven’t or ask yourself why did they do it or have it or even why didn’t they have some of what you had which prevented you from doing it already too.

You. You’re so wonderful – so different, You say things, do things, draw, write, say, and express things so much differently than anyone else I’ve ever seen before.

Don’t be someone else. Be YOU. That other so and so has already found a niche. Their audience and that’s a very small sliver of the 7 billion people on the planet. Just be here. Give and say and think and do and be and create in the only way you know how – because that’s why you’re here. And there are folks out there who want to connect into that wonderful world and energy that only you provide.

But you have to be you, and like it, and not fight against it, and not want someone else’s life. Because this is what you’re here for.. this life, in your skin.

And it’s all very exciting. I am waiting for you to show me all the ways your unique YOU-ness exhibits itself.


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