· We Carry the MAGIC Inside Us to Unlock Every Door ·

Perhaps the greatest tool you will ever use in your life to be happy, to attract love, to manifest your dreams is the one tool you have the most control over… The LOVE for your very OWN SELF.

I know so many talented, wonderful, beautiful men and women in my life who just aren’t happy, attract toxic relationships, and feel so lost when it comes to realizing their dreams.

I almost feel shy about giving any kind of advice on this topic, because it’s something I too needed and need to remind myself to do. We are all, always such beautiful bright heavenly beams who are continuously in the ever going process of learning to be our Earthly selves.

Here are a few steps, my lovelies, that I think could make a very big difference in your lives, in a very, very short period of time.

::You need to take time to nurture and nourish yourself. You need to catch up on sleep. You need to get exercise (it releases endorphins which are the feel good chemical in your brain). You need to be a little selfish and just tend to yourself for a little while. Do some artwork. Write. Look up a new recipe and make something new. Plant an urban garden outside of some veggies and flowers. This is very important. Give yourself tender, loving, kindness.

:: Stop listening to that dark voice that makes you feel small. The one that compares your life to others. The one that shoots down your ideas, or belittles you. I want you to start working on your SELF esteem. You need to find your confidence, and find yourself worthy (of love, joy, whatever your heart desires!) and stop letting anyone other than yourself dictate how you feel about yourself. I want you to find yourself interesting, and become fascinated with your own life. I guarantee you – you have so many quirks and wonderful qualities that are unique to you and you alone, how could you not fall in love with yourself?

::Starting today – you are no longer allowed to allow all of these negative thoughts fill your brain. I want you to learn to fall in love with your life. Find yourself interesting. Get outside. Fresh Air. Eat good food. Finger paint with the kids. But no more of this self-abuse.  If a negative thought comes in, I want you to breathe deeply – in and out and let it go. Don’t allow it any time in your head. (and for that matter, don’t let anything bother you anymore – from a cranky store clerk to a billing problem, just… let it go.)

I promise you things will start changing in your life once you do these things. I PROMISE YOU.  Take my word – and know that there is Magic inside of you that is available to you always.  I’m not sure why I felt the need to write this today, but, you, wherever you are, may just need these words today.

Lots of love and big hugs,


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