here. take my hand.

I read something the other day that really caused me pause. I spent the greater portion of today wrapping my thoughts into and around it, trying to decide whether I agreed, whether I was a culprit. Whether…

There have been studies, you see, about whether all of this online business is causing folks to feel depressed, unhappy, unsettled, discontent.  According to the studies, Facebook and Twitter and Blogging and all the rest of it, are causing people to feel that their lives are less as so many of the things we Facebook, Twitter, Blog and reveal in this public forum is a lot of “shiny-happy-people” living lives without turmoil, never a bad mood, nary a grief. Lives which seem almost movie like in their bliss. So, the story goes, that others start feeling less. Less happy. Less content. Less understood. Just… less.

I mulled this over. Did I feel the same way? And… sadder still to me, was I contributing to others feeling “less” in presenting an upbeat, whimsical, and positive outlook? Was I contributing to the problem? Was I just as succeptible to feeling blue over where I am in contrast to where my dream-life exists?

What are your thoughts?

I guess… If this resonates with you: I want you to know that there is not one human being on the planet who has not felt sadness; has perfect days, every single day; has had a life free of lessons and obstacles; and does not feel tired, unsure, hurt, or disappointed at various times in their lives. For me, I know this is true. But I have never felt that this blog, or it’s place in your world is to focus on that. From my experience, whenever I have sat for too long in that glum dark place, I have caught myself in a spiral that is difficult to emerge from. I hope that this blog, for you, is not another example of a shiny life that makes you feel … sad or discontent.

If there is one thing above all else that I hope you take away from this blog, it is that I am not here to present a life that contrasts with anyone’s. Instead, I am here, trying to tickle you into smiling at least once in your day, and extend my hand to you… here, here I am. take my hand. I will walk with you and share with you. I will help you, because I’ve been there, and I have had days that have been dark too.

Hugs on the journey (always),


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