Noise, it comes in many different shapes, sizes, and decible levels. Cars. People chattering. Children laughing (or screaming). The clanking of dishes. Jackhammers. Cell phones vibrating, ringing, and alerting. Computers chiming new email. Music, in our cars, in our homes, and background to every shopping experience. Dogs barking. Cats meowing. Papers shuffling…

It’s no wonder we feel depleted. I know I do. There are some days, in fact, in which it’s all a bit much. It’s too much to focus upon. A constant barage of information – needs to be tended, communication to be responded, with every ring, bark, rev, thud, clank jolting my very last nerve.

Perhaps the loveliest aspect of camping in the redwoods with Jason a few weeks ago, was the disconnect from cell phone and internet service, and, the distinct absence of noise.  We weren’t answering our phones, responding to emails, replying to texts, checking our facebook. There was no traffic and construction noise. It was utterly, blissfully … silent.

We’ve since discussed taking more trips such as this throughout the year.  Usually, by the time we begin our Coastal California trip, our nerves our so wraught, it takes us days to feel, well, human again. Slowly, our time sitting by the ocean watching the sunset, or early morning walks in the woods, begins to slough off the grumpy, jittery, fatigue we’ve acquired over the previous 365 days.

It’s no wonder  that we return from this trip with a brighter and more optimistic perspective on life. The  notebooks we bring with us return full of ideas, solutions, and imaginings. We no longer regard the future or the present with dread and pessimism. With the lingering, quiet moments we embrace on our trip, we are able to heal from the incessant noise we experience in daily life.

There is a real case for Silence, in all of the noise we experience in daily life, don’t you think? The high amounts of stress and overwhelm can make even the strongest, most grounded among us lose our way, and often, our joy.

I decided when returning from our trip, that I wanted more Silence in my everyday, that it  was down right harmful to my well being to not make time for Silence.

I make time for Silence now, the same way I would make time for Emailing, Blogging, Phone Calls, and all other busy-ness.  I’ve decided to disconnect from my computer by 6pm, and to take one day during the week in which I am not glued to my cell phone and online activities. Instead of using my first hour of waking for Emails, I now use that first hour to sit in silence, or meditate.  I also find time during the week to take a walk at a quiet park, or sit by the ocean, not doing a darn thing, save for watching those beautiful waves crash.  I take long baths during the week, no longer multi tasking with listening to a podcast and reading a book all at once. I am making more plans to go camping as a family, to escape the busy noise of city life.

There is a passionate case for Silence, my friends, and it needs to be every bit as important to you in this Noisy era as any of your Busy-Noise filled hours.

I can tell you that the days I remember to take time to “be” in Silence, I feel… calmer, more peaceful. More Hopeful.

And that, to me, is worth it’s weight in Gold.

And…. if you ever have a chance to visit, why not find your way to Washington State’s Hoh National Park. Here you will find a tiny 100% noise free sanctuary – one square inch of silence.

Pure. Unadulterated. Blissful. Silence ….




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    July 27, 2011

    Amen, Sister. And that’s all I have to say.

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