Until Our Next Hello, Switzerland

· I will miss you. Goodbye is a four letter word. ·

Tiffany and mandy in germany

Today, I leave Switzerland and fly into London.

Once upon a time, I lived in the UK.  I was a college student there. I traveled throughout Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and England.  I nursed broken hearts there, and probably inadvertently broke hearts in the process. I performed on stage, kissed on trains, got lost, wrote poetry, smoked Gauloises cigarettes in pubs, got drunk on far too much wine, was chased by a crazy woman, and wrote to a man I hoped to find that I called “Mr Kindness” under the same tree that JM Barrie wrote Peter Pan.

It has been a decade if not a little more… I am both excited to arrive in the place I once called “Home” and a bit sad too be leaving my darling friends in Switzerland.

I’m still terrifically ill.  Flying should be fun.

Love you!


February 3, 2012
February 3, 2012

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