Greetings from Zurich!



“I’m on a plane. Traveling miles and miles just as I wanted this year. This notion of travel, of visitng my darling friends in Switzerland was on my 2011 goals, my vision board, and my Lifetime Dream Book… I am at once amazed, astonished, grateful, perplexed, and giddy… it all feels very dream-like right now…I also have to mention that J surprised me with a beautiful book in my purse – I have no idea how he snuck it into my bag without my noticing…. more so, I have no idea how I didn’t notice til I arrived at LAX. As I sit here reading this book (which coincidentally enough was recommended to me by the very same friend I will be visiting in Zurich) – I have to comment that the seat next to me is without a passenger. It almost feels like my darling love is with me in spirit, sitting there invisibly, just as he said he would”


(*I remember really enjoying airplane food as a child… hmmm)

You have no idea how grateful I was for signs in English when I disembarked the plane. Even still, I managed to get a bit turned around when clearing customs. I blame that misadventure on not having my glasses on, however. I am always a bit surprised at how poor my eyesight is without correction.I felt like Mr Magoo, feeling my way around blindly.

I am very pleased to share that the weather is delightful. Not cloudy. Not cold. Just perfect. It was 55 degrees when we landed. Heavenly, really.The hotel is just lovely. My darling friend left a care package for me at the front desk, bless her heart! I was going to call to thank her. I was also going to shower, or eat a little something; but, I was beyond exhausted. I fell promptly asleep on the bed, when I had told myself I was only going to rest my eyes for a second. It was oddly surreal, and beautiful waking up to the clamour of church bells. I will try to post more pictures soon. I think right now, I am going to take that shower, eat a little something, and get some more sleep.

Hugs on the journey,


February 13, 2011

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