Two nights ago, I received the “call” that it was time to rush over to my beautiful friend’s home. Her wee babe finally said – “it’s time, momma”. And so I did. Pappa and Momma rushed to the hospital. Her other wee one, who is a lovely, darling three year old faery sprite, and I waited to hear news of her new baby brother being born.

At 12 noon the next day, we received the call. He has arrived. Momma and baby are well.

Her wonderful husband, little one, and I went over together later that evening to check in on Momma and say hello to the new babe.

When we walked into the room, my eyes instantly filled with tears. My darling friend did not look like one who had just been through labour. She looked like a glowing angel. And her babe?

Ohhhh …. He is so, so beautiful. So very, very perfect. 

His sweet little face looked around the room as he was wrapped up like a little eskimo in a cocoon of blankets and a little knit hat. Goodness and gentleness just emanated from his little tiny body. His little blue eyes blinked. His tiny cherub lips yawned. He gazed at each new person in the room for a brief moment, before falling back into a lovely, peaceful sleep. It’s a lot of work this getting born process. Poor darling.

I am so over the moon grateful and ecstatic for my friend. Each member of this family are so special, so truly good of heart. And this new blessing … oh, he is so lucky. And they are so lucky. So much love in the air.

Little faery sprite jumped about, excitedly – “I am a big sister! I am a big sister now. This is my baby! Thank you, momma! I’m a big sister now.”

All that I could muster was a thought in my head …


So full of love and joy right now, I think my heart might burst!


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    Jason Bird

    February 28, 2011

    It’s one of those rare times when even ‘miracle’ doesn’t do it justice.

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