So This Happened

· I have a knack for falling down stairs and getting lost ·

London Zurich pass
London directions
Tiff in London City Airport

Took a train from Seon to Zurich, where I boarded just as the doors closed, hurriedly hugging and kissing Mandy goodbye as the doors shut, nearly causing me to drop my suitcase off the platform.  As I don’t read German, I couldn’t determine how to open the doors to the cabin, so I stood in the passageway between trains for the entire journey.

Took a cab to the airport.

At the airport, I realize I don’t know the airport code listed on my Boarding Pass for the Airport I am flying into. Take off shortly after 8pm. Arrive around ten something ish.

I’m fevery, and I’m coughing, and my nose is congested, and my eyes are watery. I’ve never flown like this before.

The plane lands and I don’t know where in the world I am.

Still haven’t figured out where in England I might be by the time I’ve reaached the line for Customs, but many people are speaking English with English accents, so at least I know I’m in the right country.

When it’s my turn to speak to the Customs officer, I can barely make out what he is saying- partially because my ears are plugged, and partially because I’ve lost my knack for understanding the thicker accents.  I know he’s asking me something about where I’m going or for how long. The same questions world wide. As I proceed to answer him, wiping my nose, and feeling faint, I say… I’m sorry, but where am I?

I wonder how often he’s ever been asked that before. Oh, hi, I just booked a flight to anywhere and don’t know where I am.  It’s the story of my life lately.  I can’t quite figure out what I’m doing.

Fortunately, he is nice, and he tells me I’m at the London City Airport, and he gives me directions to my hotel. I think he felt so sorry for me that we never really got to my answers of his questions.

I get my bag, which is heavy with winter clothes.  I attempt to differentiate the pounds in my wallet from the Euros and Francs. I buy a one day rail pass.

I hop on a train to Canningtown. Then descend to the Tube Lines.

Up and down and Up and down I go – up escalators, down escalotors.

The Jubilee Line to the Piccadilly to the Northern … or some such. How is it that I used to know this place like my own backyard and now… ?

Last tube stop. Then more escalators. Then I exit to walk to my hotel. I exit going the wrong way and proceed to make an enormous circle… when I would have had to walk a mere few blocks.

Finally at the hotel. It’s a nice hotel. I’m pleased. I’m also exhausted.

I’m HERE! FINALLY! I’ve missed London so much… but I’m so tired and so sick that I can’t seem to head out tonight to enjoy it.

At least I have the WIFI working.

I do go down to the Hotel Bar and sit down for a nice glass of wine before bed. Wine cures all ails right?

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