Returning home after 6wks away, has given me such renewed energy and focus. Exactly what i needed. But, it also means I have a world to catch up on. I have laundry and messes to clean up, a fridge that longs to be filled with food, bills to pay, emails to return. And art. I have supplies to finish ordering, online stores to finish designing, and minor things like business cards, packaging, and e*courses to finish.

Often, when I return home, I surround myself by routine busy-ness, and art, writing, designing, exercising, and actualizing drift to the bottom of to-do lists. Always finding other items that might be more pressing (aka – eye glasses) to purchase rather than investing in my Art and Dreams.

I almost found myself falling into this bad habit this morning. But then I had a thought …

When I was in Zurich, I meandered often aimlessly along cobblestone paths, ducking into assorted alleyways which I hoped would reveal mystical, magical shops. The alleys and hidden corners never ceased to fulfill my expectations. While wandering down one such alleyway, I discovered a lovely store window. After snapping photo after photo of their beautiful window displays, I thought I should at least go into the store, to reward them for such creative design. I did not expect that this store would be a jewelry supply store. Gorgeous Citrine gems winked at me from their wooden cubbies. Lustrous moonstone and Amazonite beckoned. Sterling Silver findings and Swiss made jeweler’s tools jumped into my tiny wicker shopping basket. Sketches that I had made over the past year came alive as I saw all manner of gems which perfectly fit my notions.

It was such a “happy accident” finding this store, that I realized “this” was no accident – but perfect timing, perfect luck. I bought just enough gems, findings, and tools to mock up the four necklaces I will release in a week or two. These pieces have such special energy because of their origination. In this moment, I was very aware that Life was saying – you said you wanted to do this, now what’s your excuse?

It’s easy to find excuses to not do what we love, to not write the book we long to write, to not devote a piece of our lives to the passions and dreams within us. No time. A full time job. A busy family life. No money. No audience. I know all of these excuses well… and really, they are just excuses. Life always finds a way – if we let it.

So today, I am pushing aside my fear of failure, my fear of wasting time… my fear… in order to devote myself while the energy of my trip is still so near to me to my Art and dreams.

Do you dream?

xo, T


March 22, 2011
March 22, 2011

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    Erika Lee Sears

    March 22, 2011

    🙂 Sounds like a little synchronicity finding the shop.
    Yes I do consider myself a dreamer.

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