A Quick Road Trip to Laufenburg

· Welcome to the Land of Tubular Meats ·

German postbox
Germany butcher shop

Mandy, the kids (Sabrina and Benjamin), and I drove 45minutes to cross the border into Germany today to do a bit of grocery and duty free shopping.

Thank goodness for little Sabrina who is 8 now but can still understand a bit of English from when she lived in America for a few years.  Although she doesn’t speak very many words, she helped me translate what I was trying to say into German for me. It’s so cute – the one expression she does say is one she picked up from me (accidentally).  She says “O Mai Gaht” meaning Oh My God. Kids have a way of hearing things you don’t even realize you’re saying! Crikey!

We wandered into a Butcher Shop while there.  Every sausage and brat and tubular meat one could ever want (or not want, as the case may be).

Seeing this reminded me of Jason who is 85% Polish.  Family holidays often include pickles, brats, hard boiled eggs… The plethora of brat choices here made me smile. He would love this place!

I look forward to taking more trips internationally together with him. Everything is just better with him around him. Even travel, which i once did so well on my own.

February 1, 2012

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