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Under those skinny jeans are fleece lined leggings and tights! Under those Uggs are wool socks and leg warmers! Fingerless gloves (which I purchased from Etsy!) because no matter how cold it ever is, my fingertips have to be free to touch things! A wool hat from Anthropology gifted to me by my sister several years ago. A toasty jacket, a Christmas gift from my new husband (i doubt I will ever get over feeling giddy when I call him “Husband!”) this year and layers upon layers of tank tops with long sleeved tees and a cotton sweater.

I was feeling a bit… melancholic today. I’m not so sure why… it’s not the weather. I’ve been so detached from the world of the internet lately, pulling away to redefine myself and my brand and the BHD blog and all of the eventual products and undertakings with that.  A few months ago, I realized that I needed to just step away from everything and really figure things out.  Filling notebooks and sketchpads full of ideas, then slowly pairing it all down.  I’ve had to do that on a personal level too.  I am just now realizing that too much focus on motion for motions sake can yield a lot of stress and messy feelings.

I have a feeling this year is about travel, exploring both the outer world, and my own inner world.  Learning to become unafraid when taking personal risks and surrendering to a better way.

Just things I found myself thinking about while taking a walk by myself today.

January 29, 2012

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