· Don't ever, ever, ever give up.  ·

When it comes to following our dreams, things can seem a little precarious at times, can’t they? Often those dreams don’t manifest in the time you thought they would, or how you envisioned they would.  Life throws unexpected diversions and wayward curve balls.  Feelings of belief and hope falter.  Money can seem unstable.  Your very mind may succumb to fatigue and despair.  And very often, as time marches, you may just find yourself throwing your hands in the air, resigning from the pursuit.

I know this feeling well, as does my Magician husband.

So why Dream?

I like to think of Dreams as Inklings of our purpose, our reason for being, the touchstone of how we might use our lives upon this planet.  Dreams for some, remain unchanged, as they have for my husband.  Magic has been his calling, his reason, his passion, the path on which he walks for his entire lifetime.  Dreams for some, alter a bit, as we grow into ourselves, we grow into the Dream.  When I was younger I believe I would be the next famous so and so actress.  I think deep down, however, though my ambition was strong, I knew that wasn’t the perfect fit.  I wanted a big career, an artistic one, and wanted to inspire, but the rest of the pieces of how I might achieve this didn’t come til much later in my life, after a few stumbles which admittedly changed me for the better.

It’s perfectly acceptable to readjust to your dreams.  To allow your heart to redirect you towards your purpose.  It is not acceptable, however, to give up entirely.

Whenever anyone speaks to me about throwing in the towel, my heart breaks.  Trust me, I know this feeling of wanting to give up, thinking that its an easier path emotionally and financially to quit.  But, I have to think that with that path missing, life would become only half lived.

I like to think of awaiting dreams to waiting in line for a ride at the Fair.  Sure the line is long, and it might take a seeming lifetime to arrive at the ride, but you have faith that you will ride that fabulous roller coaster, and that the wait will have been worth it.  Dreams are just like that.  You have to have faith that it may take longer or require more patience from you, but it does in fact exist and when the time is right, your faith, hope, patience and inner knowing will have paid off.

For you are here for a great purpose.  You are here to share your talents and gifts.  And you are here to be happy.  Don’t give up.  Don’t ever, ever, ever give up.

If you won’t give up, I won’t either, deal? (*in years to come, we can laugh about how silly we were to give up when better days were just around the corner, ok?*)

Let’s send positive thoughts to a fellow dreamer. We all need one another on the Path, afterall.

Dream on my darlings,



November 14, 2012

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