trust in life to lead the way

· A Tale of Rabbit & the Moon ·

April 17 was the full moon. Magical, bright, first full moon of the Spring – moon. I have a love affair with the moon. Which is interesting, because in no way am I a night owl. I prefer the day to the night. But I do love the moon. When I was little, I imagined that if the Sun could give my skin a Coppery glow, then surely, if I moonbathed, my skin would become a silvery lavender iridescence.

Many wonderful blogs were written the other day on the magic and meaning of this particular full moon. I loved every delicious word which united the natural world with the esoteric world of the Rabbit totem (it is the year of the rabbit, after all) and Ostera Goddess lore.

As I sat outside the other night, in the very, very bright light of la lune, on that warm Spring day, I found myself pondering these meanings. Pondering the full abundance of 2011. And in some ways, looking up at the moon, hoping for either a lovely moon tan, or answers to the next steps. How could I reach more people? How could I live my purpose? How could I devote myself fully to art and helping people? How?

You should write more poetry, my inner dialogue began. Put it on your paintings. Wrap poetry around your jewelry. You should … 

But, what if it reaches no one? Oh these little tiny irksome worries.

Then… just, be you. Do what you love. Put it out there. Reach as many people as you can. The next steps will present themselves. 

So that’s it?

Yep. Just trust. Let life lead you a bit. Trust that it will get you there. You just do what you do, and life will find a way. 

Oh. Ok then. That really takes the pressure off of me. Thank you.

And with that, I went to bed.

Happy Tuesday. Let life lead the way a bit today.


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