Self Care 101: Rest More.

· You have permission to slow down. ·

My darling friend made a very wise comment while we were discussing that sluggish, slow to make decisions, hunkering down that occurs after a big disappointment or stressful times in life – lick your wounds.

The idea that it’s ok to hunker down. Even healthy. It’s ok to feel tired. It’s ok to sleep more. It’s ok to reacclimate yourself to new life situations. It’s ok to find a new perspective, a new view.

Why do we expect ourselves to rebound so quickly? I know I do this. Fall and immediately attempt standing if not running a marathon.

Take the time you need to adjust, to process, to be still.

I think this is really key – Be still. Life can seem to move so fast. But, as someone once told me when I was in college, don’t mistake motion for growth/healing.

I’ve been a little hard on myself here. Wondering why I didn’t immediately adjust to the time change. In general, I can see a pattern of being hard on myself for not rebounding fast enough. I expect that if I were talking to a child, rather than myself, I would advise her to listen to her body; that if she is tired then this means her body is seeking rest.

Rest. Be still. Or simply just be.

I hope your week has been lovely so far and that you are listening to the quiet needs of your own health and well-being.


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