petite lap giraffes & magical thinking

I am innocent to the most gullible degree. In fact, sometimes humor can be lost on me when someone is mocking something. I listen intently and usually respond with: “Really?” – all wide-eyed and amazed. The response is typically a long silence…. followed by: “No. Not really. It was a joke.” 

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted the most adorable photos on Facebook.


Petite lap giraffes!! My heart practically leapt out of my body with utter joy. I clicked Like and commented on his post – I want one! I then clicked on the farm in Russia which breeds these lovely creatures. Heart melting as I watched the Live Cam. I clicked on the “About Petite Giraffes” link. Awww. It says they like “soft kisses” and cry when they don’t get enough affection. And they like bubble baths! Oh adorable gentle creature, right up there with the unicorns of my childhood dreams – I want one! 

In that moment, I didn’t care how expensive this little creature would be. The price was less than the value of having every dream, wish, and hope I had ever entertained come true. I clicked on the Add me to the waiting list” button. Now, I am well aware that I am not of the gazillionaire circle of $1000 hashbrowns, but so what? By the time my number came up, I would have saved every last dime, just to have this creature.

Of course, the girls would have to forego college. I practiced the speech I would give them when I finally had to relay this news – “Oh, who needs college? Anyone can go to college, loves. You have a petite giraffe in your backyard? How many can say that?”  Surely, they’d be thrilled, right?

It was only when I clicked on the “Add me to the List” button, and my number in line – 457,987 came up that the pieces came together. My initial reaction was utter deflation – as in, oh no, now I’ll never have one. It actually took a few minutes before the realization settled in my brain that maybe, just maybe, this was just a really good tall “petite” tale.

But, with all that being said, here is my take on innocence: To be innocent is to have the sincere desire to be amazed and enchanted by life. It is a quality which enables you to dream the impossible, to hope for that which you can not see, and to believe, deeply, in the good, the magical, the miraculous.

So… I guess, in that light, it’s a rather useful quality to have in this life. Not every magical or wonderous thing is a joke. Sometimes… you might just be amazed by how magical this life truly is.

Hugs always,

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