· Choose Your Own Adventure. I hope you choose well. ·

Have you ever taken notice of the many choices which cross your mind on a daily basis? From what to wear (the obvious) to where to go and not go; whether to sit for a few minutes or leave sooner. Choices. Choices. Choices.

It’s easy to say – I don’t like that. Death Metal, for instance. I know that I do not like Death Metal. I also know that I could not stay with Jason if he liked Death Metal. The proverbial deal breaker.

In some ways, the “don’t likes” are easy to come by, most likely because as children we learned our way around this world by trying things – I like spinach, don’t like cauliflower; I like ceiling fans, don’t like cold air conditioning…

Our choices become interesting though when we may not realize we have a choice.  As in, I can choose to be upset right now that I’m stuck in traffic in the rain, or not. I can choose to take your words personally, or not. I can choose to be focused on the past obstacles, or not.  I can choose to …

Oh, i don’t know, leave a good job sitting at a desk, to move to California where I can sit by the ocean and feel the sand on my feet, and maybe do something with my life that is more conducive to my soul urgings.

But what is that magical “something”? (another choice)

Too much routine, too much noise, too many distractions, can definitely reduce the volume of the reply, that choice.

For me… It has to do something with travel. I don’t want to sit and look at pretty pictures of other peoples travels. I want to smell the air, feel the ground beneath my feet, eat the food, talk to the people, myself.

And it has to do something with people. I don’t want to remotely hear about my Kiva loan. I want to interact, touch their faces with my hand, give them hugs, smile with them, cry with them…. myself.

Life IS a continual process of not this, but that– less choosing little ways to idle your time away, and more the process of, dare I say it? (a choice) Listening to the omens, paying attention to the signs, taking risks… becoming, adventure, exploration, risk-taking, and cloud jumping. Daring to dream and having the full faith to grow into that dream.

So, I’m putting this out there into the universe – this bold choice might sound something like:

Not this: sitting in an office, two week holiday every year, missing the bulk of the children’s growing up, feeling that I am falling short of my potential.

But That: the world is my office, unlimited time to relax and explore, participating in the children’s growing up years, facing my potential with the full faith of one who CHOOSES the probability of possibilities.

And while I’m thinking of the BUT THAT’s… I may talk about signs, and good omens, and animals crossing my path that just may be a guiding symbol. I just might. I’ve been limiting my Voice for the Voice I felt I should present. I was choosing not my voice, but a voice that I felt would be more pleasing.

This may indeed be a time to create a Project… paying attention to the choices and when aware of the choice between despair and bliss, love and fear, yes and no, perhaps we can empower ourselves to boldly CHOOSE the Now where there is no fear, no anxiety, and no failure.

I CHOOSE this today. I hope you choose too, or become aware of the choosing’s.

I love you so much,


April 16, 2017

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