A Time of No Distractions

The bathtubs are HUGE here. Unlike American tubs which fill up to our mid torsos, these bathtubs fill up to your shoulders.  I found this out last night.  It was  pretty exciting. Even stepping in to the tub is an effort in not falling – as your leg needs to lift WAY up before stepping in. It’s very glorious, really.

It’s funny here. Not funny here, but funny being here without the distractions.

This has caused me to read an entire book.  In one sitting. And I draw just because.  I also take long baths. And it’s sad, partly to due to the fact that I am so accustomed to being distracted by the internet and the radio and it’s partly due to the need to communicate as I am unable to communicate as effectively to the outside world these last few days.Taking this time has been oddly easy. Why don’t I do this everyday, I ask myself?

In three small days, I’ve read two books, written lots, and drawn a ton. I’ve done more productive arty things in three days than I usually do in a month, if not several months.

Trying to process how to bring this lesson back with me. Savoring. Taking time. Focus. Hmm…



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