Dreams – Need You Too

I was looking through photo albums the other day of my time owning a theatre, traveling throughout the UK, and taking on various new projects.  I think at the back of my mind was always – I want to do this. Whatever it was. All I could think of was – I want to experience, expand, explore, learn… if not now, then when?

This got me thinking… how do dreams manifest? How can we actualize our goals? What can we do that helps to create a life of goal setting and goal creating?

1. The Have To’s

Your dreams are something you pursue because it’s part of your raison d’etre. You have to pursue your dreams because the world, your life, your everything relies on this dream. So, in spite of all seeming obstacles you plod forward. This inexplicable desire should move you forward every day, in spite of pitfalls. You must take one more step.

2. Be Fearless

Trust that everything will work out for your (and others’) greater good. Trust yourself, the powers that be, Fate, destiny, what have you, to conspire in your favor.  Approach your art, your ideas, your sense of timing with this trust, and you’ll find yourself freed from needless doubts and worries, and continue to DO, CREATE, and LIVE with the full trust of a new born babe.

3. Desire

You must find your way to the spark inside you. Find your Passion, your Bliss, that part of you that excites at the very thought of DOING. Whether it’s picking up a paintbrush, your camera, acting, writing, starting a grassroots movement, pinpoint your interests and that tug on your heart and you’ve found your calling.

4. Risk

I understand wanting to play it safe. But some of life’s greatest rewards occur because of taking risks, jumping when there is no net in sight, and being brave. Risks expand our sense of worth, power, and show us that we are stronger than we might have otherwise believed.

5. Love

Love is really the turnkey. I advise you to Love your life, what you are pursuing, with all your heart. LOVE it. And know this love is there to keep you going. Think of love as oxygen. We breathe in because we need to breathe, have oxygen in our lungs. Love is this way with dreams. LOVE and you breathe in. You fill your endeavors with energy and time, and hope and belief… and trust.

6. Let Go

To the universe. To your greater good. To your God, the cosmos, the Divine, or your Highest Self. Whatever your belief  – Just let go. Believe so much, hope so much, that you just, let it go. Life has a very interesting way of just making things happen in their own perfect time, in their own perfect way .

7. Perseverance 

In the past, I had a very definite sense of when I thought things should manifest in my life. I had notions of when I should get married, when my goals should occur, when I would have children, etc.  Only through this timing coming and going, yet these things occuring in my life after these dates did i realize that things happen in their own perfect time.  If something has not occurred when you thought it would, I ask that you not give up Hope. If I had given up on some of my dreams, I doubt that I would be able to stand here now telling you of how through my deep hope and resiliance many of my dreams manifested, and the reality actually is even better than my wildest dreams of my younger years.



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