I have known quite a few folks who are stuck. The eternal record on repeat. The same sad song played over and over and over. I have been there. Responding to new situations which are eerily familiar to the past. A word, a look, a familiar interaction which elicits the same anger, the same tears, the same swirling down a drain of woe.

Then, there’s a familiar stuck in stressful situations. That paralyzing fear that a past experience is playing itself once more in the present. Fight or flight. Wanting to either fight back or hide underneath your bed.

Or the stuck feeling of creatives. Sitting down to write your chapter for the day, or paint a picture. You sit, paintbrush in hand, then… nothing.

If you want to know my opinion, the Past is a shadowy figure which needs to be shown the Door. Nostalgic? Let it go – it’s focusing your hope on a wish for what was. Angry? Let it go – it’s sticky tar like fingers will strangle your joy. Holding on to a past love? Afraid to take a step with past memories of “failures” haunting you? Afraid to show the world your true splendor for fear that others will attack you?

Do you see the recurring word there – Fear? The past and fear are good buddies. And neither really has your best interest in mind. You want to get unstuck? Love yourself enough to let go of the past. Love yourself enough to Love your life.  Bring your attention to the now. Hatred and anger towards the past, as well as Fear and Resistance to love and the future are great enemies to your well being; and, since we do not live in a bubble, like oozing tar, it will stick to the lives you touch.

Other tell-tale “stuck” signs – jealousy, envy, ill-will, comparing your talents, life, or qualities to others … You know, all of those feelings of resentment of others that you feel have [fill in the blank] and you just don’t think they deserve it. You want them to be unhappy. You want them to lose what they have. You want them to be unhappy too, because you’re feeling unhappy dangit! Be careful with that feeling. Be very careful.  It’s not a very helpful way to approach life. Meaning and purpose are yours alone, and Love of others, Happiness for others, allows you to flow in the current of life, flowing in the abundant stream of inspiration, abundance, and a fertile life.

If Fear is sitting beside you, holding you back, replaying the Past with cruel whispers in your ear, reminding you of times you’ve stumbled (holding you back from trying a new experience), weren’t perfect (holding you back from taking a risk), had a breakup (holding you back from loving again), or experienced cruel words from others (holding you back from shining your light to its full wattage)…. I want you to pay attention. I want you to thank Fear for being there, but you don’t have anything to fear. I want you to break the record.

You are here for great things. Things that only you can manifest in this life. Your experiences were your teachers but they do not define you. There is plenty of goodness to be had. Focus deeply on your breath when you start feeling anxious. By breaking the fight or flight pattern fear elicits, you break it’s control over your joy, your now, your purpose.

I know this sounds like I’ve trivialized the power that the past has. I did so on purpose. Take away its importance, and you free yourself.

Hugs on the journey,

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