100 Ways to a Beautiful Life

· Sometimes Simple Things Can Work ·

1. Forgive yourself with intensity. 2. Blank Canvases are: Made to paint, draw, create on. Not perfect? Absolutely fine. 3. Some days, you won’t do a thing on your list. That does not mean that you are now an utter failure. 4. Breathe.  5. Drink more water than you think you should.  6. Ask: “How can i help?”  7. Sing & Dance with abandon. Who exactly are you trying to impress? 8. When someone says I’m sorry, forgive them. It’s the least you could do. 9. Laugh. Truly laugh. With your whole being until your belly hurts. 10. It’s true – more sleep makes you happy. 11. Begin Again. And Again…and again. 12. Say yes more often. 13. That internal compass is never wrong. 14. Make more decisions. Choose a destination, and Go. 15. Sunshine is good for your joy factor. And it’s healing. 16. So is water. (The combination of sunshine and water – Priceless!) 17. Listen. Really listen. Hear with your heart. 18. Stretch. 19. Relax. Stress is the ultimate nemesis. Just let it go. 20. Live now. The past is so yesterday. 21. Live now. Your future depends upon it. 22. You will make mistakes. And it’s ok. 23. What you love, is your purpose. 24. Pay for things you value – with your time, where you spend your $$, and where you focus your energy. 25. Keep your promises. Always. 26. Say I love you, to everyone & everything. It is your greatest gift. 27. Look in the mirror and be kind. 28. Let people take your picture. 29. It’s ok to do nothing. 30. Start new traditions. 31. Begin your day with a happy thought. Lay in bed until you find one. 32. Please be silly. 33. Enjoy this moment, without anticipating the next. 34. Ask for help. 35. Take it when offered. 36. Make a mess. 37. Say I’m sorry. 38. Plant “something”. Nurture this something. Watch it grow. 39. Dream. Recklessly. And then, absolutely, with your whole entire being, say, If not this, something better! 40. Be flexible. 41. Love the body you’re in. 42. Don’t shrug off compliments. 43. Tell the people who’ve inspired you that you’re grateful. 44. Accept your quirks. 45. Be understanding of others. 46. Your time is Now. It’s never too late. 47. Spend just a few moments longer, when they ask.  48. Light candles. 49. Forgive your parents. 50. Your children will forgive you. 51. Get outside more. Fresh air will do wonders for your perspective. 52. Be the inspiration you seek. 53. Take care of yourself. 54. Be passionate. 55. Explore. Be curious. 56. Grow your own garden. 57. Don’t lie. Ever. 58. Be happy for others when they achieve. There is more than enough Joy & Succes to go around. 60. Learn something new. A language. A cuisine. A word. A skill. Something about yourself. 61. Smile. At everyone. 62. Be adventurous. 63. Learn to say thank you in as many languages as you can. 64. Organic is good. For you. For the planet. 65. Always make time for your friends and family. You’ll be glad you did one day. 66. Take moments to be still. 67. Open the windows. Even if it’s freezing cold outside. 68. Focus on what’s right. 69. Your words are powerful. Choose them carefully. 70. Trust completely. 71. Surround yourself with color. It’s very good therapy. 72. Be thankful. 73. Food should not be fast. Take time to nourish yourself. 74. Never bolt out of bed. Alarm clocks can be evil this way. 75. Ask questions. 76. Be open to the answers. 77. Climb trees more often. Or at least do things that will remind you of your childhood. 78. No need to hoard. Be generous. 79. Open up. 80. Share what you know. 81. Don’t be embarrassed to start something new. No one is perfect in the beginning. 82. Choose wisely who you share your dreams and innermost feelings with. 83. Avoid the news. It will not make you feel hopeful. 84. Create a happy mixtape. Share it with those who are going through a rough spell. 85. Buy local in season fruits and vegetables. 86. Let go of old ideas you have about yourself. 87. Splash in the puddles. Don’t worry about getting wet, or mud. 88. Nap. 89. Don’t be afraid. 90. Bliss. Say it. That delicious word is what makes your heart skip a beat. Follow it. 91. Be kind. You never know when this kindness will return when you need it most. 92. Let go of old loves. 93. Be open to new loves. 94. You are more beautiful than you know. 95. Find your power season when your creativity and energy are round and full.  This is YOUR time to dream, to create, to dance about in this lush world. 96. Know your quiet seasons… learn to hibernate like bears do. Rest. 97. Lean on the people who ask you to. 98. Things will get better. 99. Surrender. 100. You are here for a reason.

I am off to pack for my trip to Portland tomorrow… among about a few hundred last minute things that I put off until today. Maybe that should be 101…

…Even if you procrastinate, somehow, the important things will still get done.



December 8, 2010

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